Introducing Coach Karen Pritchard

I began cycling about 6 years ago. I was doing a lot of triathlons and found the piece that I liked most was the cycling so I decided to make that my focus. I started riding with other people, doing group rides and then started racing my bike. I started with road bikes, then got into cyclocross and mountain bike racing. My favorite has become gravel racing. I compete in endurance gravel events all over the country. I have been on some podiums and I have failed miserably at times. What I have found along the way is that the joy in cycling for me is the journey, not the end result.  I have made lifelong friends and found a beautiful community of cyclists in Kansas City.

I have a level 3 USAC cycling certification and am certified with Training Peaks as well.

Racing levels. Road – CAT 3. Cyclocross- CAT 2. Mountain Bike- CAT 3.

Hobbies: Besides riding bikes I like to cook and try new recipes and spend time with my kids. I also like to travel to new places I have never been. My favorite scenario would be to hop in my van with my dog Eddie and just start driving. Stop and explore wherever looks interesting.

Family: I have 3 amazing children: Rhian- 25, Gavin- 23 and Jack- 19.

Favorite Food: Meat and veggies with an occasional ice cream

Cycling for me is freedom. It calms me down, it puts all my thoughts in order, it helps me think through any stresses or concerns going on in my life. Cycling pushes me to become a stronger person physically and mentally. It helps me push away the negative thoughts and bring in the positive.

Determination and perseverance are my strengths. When I am at the worst part of suffering during a race or training, I remember how lucky I am to be out here competing and I take a look around to see the beautiful land we get to enjoy.

Those long hours on the bike are sometimes magical, my mind has time to put life in perspective.