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Update 9/22/15: We had a huge response out of the gate and the roster is set for the 2016 season. We are no longer reviewing applications but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be involved. Stay on the lookout for Move Up and Olathe Subaru Cycling training rides and clinics throughout the 2016 season. 

Move Up Development is a team of young men with the goal of reaching the elite category 1-2 level in road racing. This is not a long term home for these guys, but a launching pad for them to reach the highest levels of the sport.

Bullet-point breakdown

(Each point will be further explained below)

  • Eligible Riders:
    • Men ages 15+
    • Category 2-4
  • What Move Up Development Provides:
    • Team organization
    • Coaching
    • Guest ride opportunities
  • Rider Expectations:
    • Goal of being an elite category 1-2 racer
    • Attendance at minimum 20 race days
    • Attendance at minimum 2 key season events
    • 10 hours community service
    • Follow a structured training plan
    • Be a team player and a gentleman

There are a few more rider expectations that relate to team structure and logistics that will be outlined in rider contracts but the above points are the important ones. We’ll worry about the other stuff when we get there.

Eligible Riders

Eligible riders are those that are willing to put in the work required to reach the elite level. This is priority number one. As long as you have that goal and can realistically do the amount of racing and training it takes to get there, then you are a solid candidate.

All category 2-4 male riders ages 15 and up are eligible. Spots on the team are limited and not all eligible riders will be accepted.

What Move Up Development Provides

Team Organization

An effective team helps one another not only during the races, but before and after as well. Road racing is a time intensive and expensive sport – but having an organized team can help lessen the burden on any one rider and accomplish more than can often be done solo. Examples of tasks that are much easier, less expensive, and often a better quality when accomplished as a team include:

  • Traveling and registering for races
  • Organizing team training camps and rides
  • Finding host housing or hotels
  • Building and maintaining a website and social media accounts

My role in all of this will be helping delegate task and lead the team during various decision-making processes. As an added bonus, we’ll be partnering with the Olathe Subaru Cycling team to help with various items throughout the year such as a team training camp, race travel, and social media.


All team members will be eligible for discounted coaching. Riders are not required to utilize Move Up Endurance Coaching services.

For riders that still can’t afford coaching, I’ll be providing a basic training template geared towards the team’s key events for the season. In addition, I’ll be available as a mentor throughout the season to help with everything from training, race tactics, nutrition, and more.

Guest Ride Opportunities

Building relationships with elite teams in the area for guest ride opportunities will be high on the priority list. Guest riding is a great way to see how an elite team operates and get exposure to racing at a higher level.

Only category 1-2 riders will be eligible for guest riding opportunities. The opportunities are not guaranteed and will only be offered to riders showing a true commitment to improving.

Rider Expectations

This team is structured around guys wanting to develop and take competitive cycling to the elite level. We don’t care how fast you progress as long as you show a strong desire to keep improving. Your spot on this team year to year will be largely based off your commitment to reaching your goals.

Each racer will be required to complete a minimum of 20 race days. Multiple events in one day still only count as one race day. I consider this to be a very reasonable expectation for any racer wanting to reach the category 1-2 level.

Each racer is required to attend a minimum of 2 key team events.

  • Joe Martin Stage Race
  • Tulsa Tough
  • Tour of Kansas City
  • Tour of Lawrence
  • Bellevue/Papillion Criteriums
  • Gateway Cup

Each racer is required to complete 10 hours of community service that benefits the cycling community. This can be accomplished in many ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Volunteer at a local race
  • Help build/maintain local trails
  • Help at a junior development ride

Each racer is strongly encouraged to follow a structured training plan. This can be one built by a coach, yourself, or your parents. It can include intervals, group rides, or just the number of hours you want to ride each week. The important thing is that you show a commitment to training and trying to improve.

Racers are expected to be team players and gentleman. This means following the team strategy and being willing to sacrifice your race for the good of the team. Being a gentleman means being kind and courteous to race promoters, officials, fellow competitors, fans, random people on the road, etc. This is 10x more important than your race results.

Taking Action

Full-disclosure: this is all new to me and while I’ve got plenty of experience from a racing/coaching point of view, figuring out the logistics of how to run a team will take some time. It won’t be perfect, but I guarantee that every racer on this team will finish 2016 a more experienced athlete than they were at the start. While the goal of developing a team of competitive athletes and boosting the Kansas City racing scene is very important to me, I also intend to keep this lighthearted and fun.

More fun = better results.

The team won’t officially be set into motion until 2016, but all those who are interested should send in their race resume as soon as possible, as the team will be limited to an eight man roster for the 2016 season.

Race Resume

  • Name
  • Age
  • Racing Category
  • Race Experience (top results, notable accomplishments)
  • Top 3 Racing Goals
  • Tell me about yourself + why do you want to be a category 1-2 racer?

Please email your resume to:

Kent Woermann
(816) 301-2611


Sponsorship for the 2016 season is as follows:

  • Move Up Endurance Coaching
  • Trek Bicycle Store of Kansas City
  • Olathe Subaru Cycling

In addition, there are individuals in the community who have generously offered to support the team. While sponsorship will be limited to encourage the guys to reach their goal of making it to the elite level, there are administrative costs associated with running a team and any help from the community is greatly appreciated.

We are currently seeking sponsorship offers ranging from $500-1,000 that will go towards purchasing clothing for the team as well as team administrative costs. Please contact Kent Woermann if you would like to become a supporter of Move Up Development!

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