Meet the Teams

Move Up Cycling Club

Geared towards your everyday rider, this community of athletes works together to organize training rides, coordinate event travel, and push each other to continually Move Up!

This this is perfect for the cyclist wanting to be a part of an organized group but can’t commit to the demands of a more intensive race schedule/team.

Move Up Off-Road

This bands of racers aim to dominate the gravel, mountain bike, and cyclocross scene. With some of the strongest riders in Missouri/Kansas this team is a force to be reckoned with at any event they show up to.

If you’re a regular contender in any of the off-road disciplines and want to elevate your game by joining the fastest growing competitive teams in the mid-west then shoot us a message!

Move Up Development

Developing into a high-level road racer takes years of hard physical training, mountains of tactical knowledge, and a strong support system. By partnering with the elite level Olathe Subaru Cycling team we are ensuring the future of the next generation of road racers through mentorship and 1-on-1 coaching.

While this team is primarily targeted towards junior cyclist wishing to move through the ranks, we also accept road racers of any age who show a strong desire and dedication to progressing into the elite ranks.