Pick-up Cross: Weekly Group Workouts

Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you think of the upcoming
cross season? So do I! I have to admit, though, that alongside my
excitement is a touch of concern with how fit I will be for that first big race.
We all know cross is hard, but there’s a tendency to underestimate how
much fitness it takes to ride full gas for an entire race. Personally, I tend to
remember about 20 minutes into race numero uno as I’m gasping for air
and cursing my tire pressure choice. I suspect I’m not alone in this brutal
So what’s the solution? Train hard, right? Well, yes – it’s a brutal sport, and
to prepare, your training should be of an equivalent level of brutality. But
why suffer alone? On any given weekday leading up to and during the cross
season there are dozens of cyclists torturing themselves in needless
solitude. Many, and dare I say all, of those brave CXers are likely not
pushing themselves as hard as they could be. Like a tree falling in a forest,
does an uncompleted workout really happen if no one else is there to see it?
Of course it does! But that’s not really my point. We tend to push harder
when we know someone will see us quit. And we tend to have more fun
while pushing our CX-loving hearts to their limits when we are doing it with
And thus was born the idea of Pickup Cross. It is quite simple, really –
challenging cross-specific exercises done with others rather than alone. All
levels of ability and experience are encouraged to attend. The workouts will
be conducted by an experienced cycling coach (Kent Woermann, Lane
Johnson, and Garrick Valverde) once a week in three convenient locations
(Lee Summit, Shawnee, and Lawrence). A basic cross course will be set up,
and a workout will be posted to this Facebook page early in the week so
everyone knows what’s coming. We’ll do a few warm up laps so there are no
surprises with course direction or obstacles, and then we’ll get started. We’ll
leave some time at the end for Q&A’s. Oh, and it will be FREE!
Stay tuned for the specific locations and times.

Join the Facebook group to stay up to date work workout times and locations: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pickupcross/