How To Get Started

  • STEP 1 - Select a Coaching Package

  • STEP 2 - Get matched with a coach

  • STEP 3 - Connect with your coach

  • STEP 4 - Start Moving Up!

A quick overview of our program options

Custom Programming

  • Ideal for athletes who want a custom built program with every workout being tailored to their goals, but don’t want or can’t afford a full coaching program.
  • Communication is limited to a monthly email exchange where we’ll review prior training, and discuss any updates to your training and schedule for the next 4-week cycle.
  • After your initial phone consultation, calls will be limited to once every 12 weeks you remain an active client.


  • Great communication is the cornerstone of a successful coach/athlete relationship. Calls are scheduled once per month for a more thorough analysis, but you are always welcome to call with quick questions and communication via electronic messaging is unlimited.
  • Full assessment covering the following;
    • Strength/mobility
    • Body composition
    • Endurance (power profile or heart rate testing)
    • Bike fit
    • Assessments are completing at beginning of program then every 6-months thereafter. Completed in-person for local athletes and via Skype for remote athletes.
  • Custom built power or heart rate based training plan.
Custom Programming
Free TrainingPeaks account
Custom program built in 4-week cycles
Analysis & review via email at end of each training cycle
Phone consultation at start-up
Additional consultations scheduled every 12 weeks of continued service
Free TrainingPeaks Basic account
Full assessment every 6-months
Custom built training schedule
Unlimited schedule modifications
Unlimited contact via messaging
Phone contact - scheduled every 4 weeks

If you‘re ready to get started or have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re ready to help!

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