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Reduce Back Pain During Cycling With These 3 Exercises

Have you ever experienced lower back during a ride or race so debilitating that you had to stop, awkwardly swing your leg over the bike, and do some sort of stretching to continue – or worse yet have to stop completely? These three exercises have helped me and many others reduce, if not eliminate, lower back pain completely during cycling. 

It’s important to note that these exercises are not meant to act as a replacement for physical therapy if you are currently battling an injury. The goal of this article is to help athletes deal with a general weakness through their core/hips that become a problem when smashing the pedals in a long ride or race. If you’re dealing with severe pain or constant pain, I strongly encourage you to seek out the proper health care providers.

F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic is our #1 recommendation for athletes in the Kansas City area. They take a unique approach to patient care that combines chiropractic medicine with elements of physical therapy.

If you are able to visit the Overland Park or Olathe locations and see Dr. Michael Allison you won’t be disappointed. Michael is a USAC category 1 road cyclist and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.”

Kent Woermann

Kent Woermann is the owner/operator of Move Up Endurance Coaching. He is currently a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and holds a category 1 license in road, mountain bike, and cyclocross disciplines.

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